Zoom Theater!

Hello all!

It’s been approximately… a million years since I last wrote a blog entry?

I just wanted to share that I am hard at work adapting a number of my plays to be “Zoom produceable.” I’ve heard from a number of teachers who are still trying to teach and put up shows despite the fact that being quarantined makes that… very hard.

A “Zoom show” can’t replace the thrill and immediacy of live theatre. But given where we are… it’s a pretty great substitute. I did a 4 day workshop of my play BAD AUDITIONS… ON CAMERA with friends lending their directing and acting talents (from New York and Los Angeles!) And I was really, really happy with what we were able to accomplish. If you can, upgrade to Zoom seminar, and the results can be something of a hybrid between live TV and live theatre. (I was surprised how nervous I got right before show time.) And the feedback we got was overwhelmingly positive. With the right script, this doesn’t have to be a placeholder for theater, it can be a legitimate, exciting medium of storytelling.

Below is a link to our Zoom production, produced on March 31, 2020. I wouldn’t watch the whole thing if you think you want to produce this show yourself, (I’d want you to feel inspired to do your own version of it.) But I was really pleased at how seamlessly this worked and it’s inspired me to continue to write in this medium.

We’re all doing our best in these extremely surreal times. But I look forward to seeing what we’re all able to accomplish as artists and storytellers.



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