Hi there…. internet-ers.

Just wanted to give an update on all the new stuff I’ve got coming out this fall.  I’ve been a little lazy this summer with the ol’ blog and website (but haven’t we all! It’s just been so hot and ice cream is so good and Stranger Things and.. zzzz…).

I have 2 new comedic one acts published by Playscripts Inc. THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS WRONG and MOST LIKELY TO…

           customeralwayswrong-lg              mostlikelyto-lg

I have a new Full Length comedy entitled EVERY US ELECTION EVER! with Stage Partners. Also available as a ONE ACT.

            every-election-full_large            every-election-one-act_large

I also have 2 relatively new full length plays that I’m still VERY excited about. The dramedy LAST DAY OF SCHOOL and the comedy 12 INCOMPETENT JURORS.

           12incompetent_full-lg                last-day-of-school_-_cover_large



As always, feel free to email me if you have any questions, or want to set up a Skype session with your class. Or if you live near New York city, Washington D.C., Phoenix, Denver, or Los Angeles, let me know when your show goes up. I might be able to come! (no guarantees but I like to make a few trips a year to see productions).

And good luck with the new school year!


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